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New Curator at Museum

CAPTION: The Grand River Historical Society Museum has a new face among the antique and historical memorabilia within its walls - Pamela Clingerman, newly hired museum curator.

The Grand River Historical Society Museum has a new face among the antique and historical memorabilia within its walls. Pamela Clingerman, newly hired Museum curator, is originally from England but has spent most of her time living in Ohio and Colorado before moving to Chillicothe in 2004. With a Master's degree in Museum Science and Anthropology from the University of Denver in Colorado and dual Bachelor's degrees in Anthropology and Art History from Youngstown State University in Ohio, Ms. Clingerman is right at home in a museum setting.

Ms. Clingerman has worked at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Denver, Colorado, The Arms Museum in Youngstown, Ohio, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, Ohio, The Bead Museum, Glendale, Arizona, and as part of her studies also interned at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, in Colorado. She has worked in many capacities - from executive assistant to exhibit designer and installer, youth program coordinator, volunteer coordinator and the list goes on.

Originally from England, she moved to the States in 1963, "right after John F. Kennedy (35th President) was assassinated. Although I was born and raised in Great Britain I think I'm actually more American than British", she stated. She visited her first museum when she was five years old when her Grandfather took her to the British Museum. "I was absolutely fascinated by all the artifacts but unfortunately as I am a tactile person, I wanted to touch everything," she said. Unfortunately, she did touch a couple of things, which in turn, spun her first time at the museum into her and her grandfather being asked to leave! Ms. Clingerman was hired in early November and works part-time there. She is funded through the Museum's general fund and is the first official curator that has been on the payroll.

"A new computer system is bringing our accession program into the 21st Century," stated Ms. Clingerman "and we are in the process of bar-coding all the artifacts in the collection." With a significant amount of space being added to the museum, text panels will also be re-designed for easier viewing and better understanding. She will also be working closely with area schools and putting together programs for children.

Ron Wilder, museum board member, stated "She has had a lot of experience in museum management," and "We wanted to take advantage of the experience she had to offer in improving the museum and get the museum where it is used more".

"She's got a super nice personality", said Marvin Holcer, President of the board, "and ideas for the museum that go on forever. She's been a real asset to the museum and we are thrilled we found someone like her."

"I am so happy to be back working in a museum again," Ms. Clingerman said, and although mum is the word, she did state that a new exhibit was on its way in April that promises to be "amazing".